Woman Restoring Fine Art

Art Insurance Claims

Consultation on damage for collectors and insurers is part of our studio practice. We work with insurance companies, adjusters, and private clients to evaluate and treat art insurance claims.

We can visit and survey locations where damage has occurred and provide analysis of loss and proposals for treatment. We are qualified to consult on and restore fine art, household objects, and furniture, among other fields that may be involved in common insurance claims. We manage small claims as well as large-scale claims that may encompass tens of thousands of items.

Team Examining Art

Assessing an Artwork

Our Services Include:

  • On-Site Assessments: Responding quickly is often an important factor in mitigating damage. When incidents occur, we are prepared to visit sites immediately to begin an evaluation.
  • Proposals for Each Item: We assess all affected objects and create an individual proposal for each one. This allows for flexibility on what is treated and in what order.
  • An Integrated Process: Once treatment plans are set in place, we will complete the work at our studio.
  • Detailed Data Tracking: We build and maintain custom databases for each project. This allows us to treat large claims while tracking detailed information on each item.